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Allway Sync
Product Allway Sync v. 8.4.3
Company Usov Lab
  • First license $19.95 (Normally $29.99)
  • Additional license $9.95 (Limited offer)
Type Desktop application
System requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008
  • Windows

Allway Sync is synchronization software that manages your data if you work on several computers. You can work on the local hard disk, then synchronize your data with any mobile device and take all the data with you. Allway Sync controls which files were modified, created or deleted and makes necessary changes on your mobile device.

  • fast
  • reliable
  • cheap

  • main application window looks somewhat old fashioned
Reviews Tested version - 8.4.1

As a scientist I have to manage all my data on several computers. Desktop in the office, a desktop at home and a laptop during business trips. Attempts to use USB sticks resulted in long lasting copying procedures and lost data. As soon as I changed to mobile hard disc, my space problem was solved, but time I needed to copy all my files without forgetting something important increased drastically. At the moment the total amount of data I carry with me is about 8GB. Therefore I searched for software that will synchronize my data and copy only updated files. The best program I found was Allway Sync. It reliably controls versions of files and makes only necessary modifications. In the beginning I had some problems with questionable files, but since I run synchronization routine regularly there are no more problems. Another nice feature of the program is the usage statistics. According to Allway Sync I saved more than 15 hours during past 30 days. 15 h a months for $29.95 is a good deal!

I recommend this synchronization software for everyone who has several computers and wants to have all necessary data. The program can be obtained here.
Links http://allwaysync.com/

Purchase the program here

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