• Forum re-installed due to crash
  • Some updates in most of the sections
  • Forum upadted for the latest version. Posts in methylation related software and cell culture.
  • I started to update software section regularly. Within next few months I plan to collect as much reviews on various bioinformatic resources as possible. Internet services, desktop application, equipment specific software and many more. Forum can be used to leave your comments to published reviews of biosoftware. If you want to submit a review on some software or share your experience you may also contact me directly. Link suggestions from developers of biology related software are welcome.
  • Visit our forum to find collaborators. It is always a challenging issue to find a good cooperation partner. Now in addition to contacting people you know, finding someone on a scientific meeting or writing to a corresponding author of a paper you can post your announcement here.
  • Recommended readting section is introduced. At the moment I will include citations important for some protocols at the end of the protocol page. Check positive selection of monocytes, for example.
  • Search added. Visit the search page to find what you are interested in on methods.info.