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Reference Manager
Product Reference Manager v. 12
Company Thomson Reuters

German distributer Adept Scientific

  • single license €265,-
  • single license for educational organisations €220,-
  • single license download €180,-
  • upgrade €100,-
Type Desktop application, network application
System requirements
  • Windows XP (SP 2 or later), Vista
  • Pentium 450MHz or compatible
  • 180MB hard disk space
  • 256MB RAM
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later/FireFox 2.0 or later is required for launching data in the Web/URL field and OpenURL feature
  • In order to use Reference Manager’s internet search an internet connection is required.
  • Windows
Descriptions Reference manager can be used for search, retrival and storage of references and for organizing reference lists in various documents.
  • well organised "cite when you write" feature
  • direct download of citations from internte (pubmed and some others)
  • relatively easy to edit styles

  • search function is somewhat messy, the program makes suggestions (for example of author names) and replaces the values you typed in
  • no shortcut for internet search
  • duplicate search sometimes misses duplicates (in version 10)
Reviews Tested version - 10.

Reference manager provides really convenient interface for managing and organizing references and creating reference lists for publications. It is generally similar to most of existing citation managers. It gives the possibility to search internet directly, however this feature is not very good organized. First of all, when you enter your search terms (author names for example) the program suggests you the matching names from opened database and if you press enter the name which you have typed is substituted by the closest (not always exact) match. Actually this property makes me crazy. Instead of pressing enter you have always press tab. Also when you make "search internet" for citations, the program creates a new database and if you have one database which you use for everything you have to copy found citations between databases. Not very convenient I have found also an output style editing module. An instant preview is good, but it can take a few hours to write a new style, therefore I would suggest to find a closest style in the collection of styles provided with the program, edit it and save under a different name. What is really missing is an overview of all the styles which are provided. At least for some entry types (for example Journal).

It is relatively simple to insert the citations in the text while writing. However this option is not always correctly installed and you have to copy some files manually.

Links http://www.refman.com/
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