Vector NTI Suite (Invitrogen)

Finally Invitrogen did it! After about 3 years of free software distribution you have to pay for the license. The prices are similar to prices of Informax, the original developer of the software. Ok, it was expected and I think that many universities will purchase the licenst.

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This program is one of the best sequence analysis programs I've ever seen. It is relatively easy to organize your sequences in the databases, perform restriction analysis, primer searches, cloning planning. You can analyze your sequencing data, assemble and edit contigs. The complete Suite provides the possibility to search databases for sequence homology using BLAST server on NCBI with a user friendly interface. Until now I didn't try all features of the program. One have to play a little with a demo version which is available for free on the company's web site. There are some minor and major disadvantages. There are some bugs in every version of the program. One of my colleagues tried to report some of them, but the company specialist was not able to see the problem, and as I remember it was not solved. Additionally to this bugs there are some inconveniencies in the program usage, for example it is not easy to export the oligo database, or to save several oligos to the database in one run. However this minor points do not reduce the value of the program significantly.

Since some years the latest version of Vector NTI is free for academic users. You have to register and then you'll get a free license for 3 installations of the software. Just visit Invitorgen website to learn more



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